Patent or trademark surveillance, on the other hand, is a tool for defending one’s title because it allows constantly monitoring the relevant sectors and the competitors’ activities.

Brunacci & Partners’ consultants carry out prior art search for patents and trademarks.
search, both by name and by subject matter, is carried out by using the most important international databases. Moreover, through a surveillance service, the client is periodically informed about the existence of patents filed by competitors and of patents filed in technological sectors of particular interest to them.

Prior art search is also carried out in order to check the existence of other trademarks, already filed or registered, which are identical or similar to the trademark of interest in the reference product sector, which could conflict with the trademark being searched for. In addition, the surveillance service monitors and identifies trademarks which are similar and/or identical to the trademark in question worldwide, or in certain geographical areas of interest.

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    Knowing the state of the art concerning their own field of activity is more and more strategic for companies, in order to know not only the progresses made by competitors, but also to be able to evaluate the novelty of the outcome of their own search and the possibility to protect them with valid patents. It is equally important to know the existence of competitors’ patents and to know the scope of protection and the actual validity of the same in order to avoid incurring in counterfeits.

    The widespread internationalization of markets gives importance to the protection of the distinctive signs of a company in the world.

    The decision to invest in a trademark must be properly evaluated in order to avoid obstacles that could prevent its registration, such as, for example, already registered or pre-existing trademarks, which could be confused with the chosen trademark. Each trademark must be defended with constancy and tenacity against those who attempt to appropriate similar distinctive signs.

    In order to avoid possible interference and conflict between domain names and trademarks, it is advisable to check their availability by means of appropriate prior search before registering a domain name.

    The domain name plays a key role in distinguishing oneself on the Internet. Specifically, the domain name is a virtual address with which a particular website is indicated and recognized. The domain name plays a characterizing and distinguishing function. The registration of a domain name is based on the principle that it is assigned to the first user requesting it. Domain names are recognized as distinctive signs of industrial property and are therefore protected by specific protection laws.