The acknowledgement and management of copyright, as an integral and enhancing element of the intellectual property rights portfolio, contributes to bringing significant benefits to all entities.

Brunacci & Partners’ consultants for the intellectual property assist their clients in the identification of copyright, filing and protection of the legal aspects, such as licensing agreements and assignment of rights.

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    Copyright covers all works which are creative and original. Copyright does not only apply to literary and artistic works, but also to other creative works, such as software or database.

    In Italy and in all the member countries of the European Union copyright expires 70 years after the death of the author. To calculate the expiration of copyright, the term is calculated from January 1st of the year following the year when the author died.

    Ideas as such, for instance business ideas or working methods, cannot be protected by copyright. The manifestation of the idea through its expression and practical implementation is protected by copyright, provided that such manifestation meets the requirements of originality and creativity.

    Copyright law provides for both the protection of the author of the software and the protection of the software itself, which can be filed in a special register.

    However, where the program fixes a particular technical problem in an innovative way resulting in a technical effect, it is also possible to file a software patent application, regardless of the programming language.