Brunacci & Partners aims to be a point of reference in Italy for all those innovative companies as far as their philosophy and business model are concerned, seeking advice on industrial and intellectual property and protection for their innovations and know-how in order to transform them into a long-lasting and distinguishing strategic asset.


Our mission is guaranteeing a timely, tangible and tailor-made service to turn an idea or an unexpressed opportunity into a real growth driver for companies. All this is possible thanks to a passionate, ambitious, responsible team who shares knowledge and good results.


The desire to stand out, the spirit of competition and the constant striving for improvement are the best guarantee for those who entrust Brunacci & Partners with the protection of their ideas. Because it is thanks to this passion that consultants with different skills decide to team up and take care of the protection of a product, a project or a brand, to make it the top-value proposal for that company.

It’s the sharing of goals with which Brunacci & Partners’ consultants face every challenge alongside their clients, but it also means sharing of specific knowledge and mutual support between consultants, with the common aim of achieving new professional targets. A DNA that is as simple as it is distinguishing.

Brunacci & Partners was founded with the ambition of offering the market a different type of consultancy and value. This aim at doing better and better is the real unifying element between all the professionals who have chosen to get involved by forming a close-knit team. This is also the source of the courage that is instilled in the operational management, the projects and dialogue with the market.

Just as companies grow and compete through the enhancement of the ideas they bring to the table, so Brunacci & Partners is a constantly growing firm thanks to the personal initiative and professionalism of all their collaborators at every level. At Brunacci & Partners growth is a rewarding value on which the development of the structure and the authority of the brand are based.

In a rapidly changing background such as that of industrial and intellectual property, there is only one way to compete: with streamlined decision-making procedures and a structure made up of people who are responsible both to the client and to the company project.


The firm specializes in obtaining, maintaining, assessing and protecting intangible assets, such as patents, designs, trademarks and copyrights.

Since the set of services offered requires the contribution of different professionals, the risk is a hierarchical management, long reaction times and little flexibility. What distinguishes Brunacci & Partners’ modus operandi is precisely the disruption of this process.

Thanks to its several offices throughout the country, the Brunacci & Partners’ consultants are also physically close to their clients and move freely in order to provide their interlocutors with useful answers from the very first meeting.
By empowering individual in-house work groups, the client will always find a specialized contact person at the firm, ready to provide timely answers and offer the same cooperation that an entrepreneur can expect from an internal resource in their company.

The goal of Brunacci & Partners’ consultants is to provide clients with all the know-how and operational support they need to strategically manage their intellectual property assets. Each request triggers a 3-step working process aimed at obtaining the expected result.

Intellectual property is a complex subject that needs to be approached from multiple points of view and from different aspects. A correct understanding of the client’s problems is the necessary starting point to implement the best strategy.

Our experts’ skills and the excellence of the tools available guarantee Brunacci & Partners’ clients specialized advice, constant support and always up-to-date information.

Expertise and professionalism are the weapons allowing the Brunacci & Partners’ consultants to protect the rights of their clients, bringing them in a position of security and privilege over competitors.

Our clients

Brunacci & Partners is undoubtedly a privileged contact for companies who need to protect their industrial and intellectual property, their products, their production processes and their uniqueness and identity on the market in whatever form.
The multidisciplinary skill and training of their consultants and the international approach characterizing our firm make it a valuable collaborator for other types of clients too: communications agencies, law firms and trade associations. Even companies providing services abroad can usefully turn to Brunacci & Partners’ consultants for protection and targeted advice on the Italian territory.